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If you are considering filing for divorce, one of your main worries may be how you will support yourself after you separate from your spouse. It is very common in a marriage for one spouse to be the main breadwinner while the other focuses more on running the household and raising children, if they have any.

At The Cusic Law Firm, P.C., we do not want anyone to feel like they have to stay in a marriage they are unhappy in just because they rely on their spouse financially. Spousal support is designed to help people leave unhappy marriages while remaining financially secure. If you need spousal support payments to successfully leave your marriage, that is something we will make a high priority in your divorce case.

Four Ways to Get Spousal Maintenance in Texas

If you became a homemaker rather than working for pay during your marriage, spousal support may be appropriate for you. Spousal support can be permanent in some cases, or it may be temporary if you just need some time to get yourself back into the workforce.

Although parties can come to an agreement regarding temporary or longer term spousal support, Texas courts can also decide whether spousal support is appropriate mostly on a case-by-case basis. Generally, there are four reasons that we may be able to get the court to order spousal support payments for you:

  1. Long marriage - If you have been married for at least ten years and do not have the means to support yourself alone, you could get spousal support if you are disabled, are the primary caregiver for a disabled child, or if you simply do not have the earning capacity to meet your needs. Many long-time homemakers lack the job skills or training they would need to launch a career. No one should be afraid to leave their marriage just because they are not able to jump right into a career.
  2. Agreement - We often try to help spouses come to an agreement through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation so that they can file an uncontested divorce. Spousal support payments can be part of that agreement.
  3. Family violence - Leaving an abusive marriage can be incredibly difficult. Abusers often keep their victims from working outside the home for pay, and they may limit their victims' access to family finances, which can make it even more difficult to escape and start a new life. In Texas, if your spouse has been convicted of or received deferred adjudication for a family violence crime against you or your kids, spousal support may be ordered. The alleged family violence must have taken place within two years of the date we file for divorce on your behalf, or while the divorce is pending. In this case, it does not matter how long the marriage lasted. We will also help you make sure your children will be safe from the abuser during child custody proceedings.
  4. Immigration - If you are an immigrant, and your spouse agreed to sponsor you, then we can enforce the Affidavit of Support your spouse signed. We understand how scary it can be to find yourself in a new country and in an unhappy marriage. We will do everything we can to help you get out of your marriage while remaining stateside and getting the financial support you need while you work on building your own life.

Finances should never be the reason that you have to stay in a marriage you do not want to be in. We will work with you on an exit strategy that keeps you financially secure.

Ask a Texas Spousal Support Lawyer

The Cusic Law Firm, P.C. is here to help you find a way to get the divorce you want without enduring financial hardship. If you need spousal support, then getting you the funds you need will be our top priority in your divorce case. You can contact us online or call 713-650-1866 to receive a free consultation.

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