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Your children grow over time, and so should their support

 Posted on November 14, 2022 in Firm News

Your divorce had a huge impact on your life, but you’ve got more a few more lives to look after than just your own. While child support may be in place to help you raise your family, there’s no guarantee that it will keep pace with changing times.

The southwest region of the country has some of the lowest averages for child support in the country, no thanks to Texas. While Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma are right in a row when it comes to costs, Texas usually comes in two hundred dollars higher per month. If you feel like you’re getting a southwest rate when you should be falling in line with Texas living, it may be time for a modification.

The time is right

There are certain circumstances where you can get a change in the amount the other parent has to pay:

  • Agreeable terms: If you and your former partner agree that it’s time for a change, then you may be on the fast track to a modification. The courts could just look over your new agreement to ensure legality, then send you on your way.
  • Income increases: When income sees a drastic change, it could be time for a second look. When your income takes a dive, or your former partner gets a big boost, there might be room for more.
  • Healthy concerns: Support is in place to make sure you can provide for your children, and increased medical bills can certainly affect your ability to do just that. When the high costs of ongoing care start chipping away at your quality of life, the other parent may have to help cover the difference.

Raising your children is no small task, and footing the bill makes things even harder. Child support is there to make sure your children can still get the upbringing they deserve, so make sure the numbers continue to reflect the ideal as time goes on.

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