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A Successful Child Custody Agreement Starts With the Best Interests of The Child

Divorce and separation are never easy, but having the right child custody lawyer in Houston can go a long way to achieving a swift, agreeable resolution. The Cusic Law Firm, P.C., has over 25 years' experience in Houston family law. Additionally, the majority of our cases include child custody, child support and divorce.

Finding The Right Child Custody Attorney

An experienced Houston child custody attorney, such as our own Dessiray W. Cusic, will guide and help you understand your rights within Texas family law. To be sure we are the best fit for your case, we offer:

What Are The Child Custody Laws In Texas?

According to the Texas divorce law, the legal name for custody is "conservatorship." There are three types of conservatorship in the state of Texas: joint managing conservator, sole managing conservator and possessory conservator.

Joint Managing Conservatorship

A joint managing conservatorship is an order where parents share the same decision without any disagreement. While the Texas court usually names parents as the joint conservators, there are instances where exceptions can be made if there is a history of violence between the parents. With this order, none of the parents have the exclusive right to take vital decisions for the child.

Sole Managing Conservatorship

When the court decides to give rights to only one parent, the managing parent becomes the sole managing conservator. According to the Texas law, the sole managing conservator's decision-making powers may include:

  • Deciding about the child's education
  • Allowing the child to marry before turning 18
  • Making decisions about medical care
  • Deciding where the child will live

Possessory Conservatorship

When one parent becomes the sole managing conservator, the other one is usually named as the possessory conservator. When a nonparent is named as sole managing conservator, both the parents eventually become possessory conservators. In such cases, the Texas statute requires the court to give visitation rights to both possessory conservators, unless either of the two conditions are true:

  • Visitation by that parent is not in the child's best interest.
  • Visitation would cause damage to the child's emotional or physical welfare.

Resolving High-Conflict Cases

Our experienced child custody attorneys are happy to assist families in high-conflict cases, as well. Specialized family law attorneys can recognize if substance abuse, health disorders or any other similar issues are involved and take the appropriate steps. Such cases may need a different approach than a regular child custodial case. Our lawyers are experienced in working closely with family and health care professionals to find a stabilized solution for the children while keeping them safe in such critical situations.

Putting Your Child First

Just like a divorce, child custody cases in Harris County can be complicated and require expert advice and legal assistance. While deciding legal conservatorship, the court takes many factors into consideration, then finds the best possible solution for the child's future. Our experienced attorneys will help you find answers to all your child custody, custodianship and conservatorship related questions. In the negotiation, it is also typical to incorporate visitation schedules and all other aspects in the legal separation of parents.

Request A Free Child Custody Consultation Today

Knowing how child custody in Texas is decided can help you arrive at the best possible agreement. Our team understands and appreciates the sensitivity of all such cases, and hope to serve you in your time of need. To schedule your free consultation, simply call 713-650-1866 or contact us online.

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