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LGBTQ+ family law is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field of law. New developments in this field are always emerging. Since the Obergefell ruling came down from the Supreme Court of the United States in June of 2015, establishing same-sex marriage rights, the family law needs of the LGBTQ+ community have grown. The Cusic Law Firm, P.C. has a strong focus on serving same-sex spouses in their cases involving issues like prenuptial agreements, child custody and parentage, and divorce.

Our lawyers understand the struggle LGBTQ+ families and individuals sometimes face when it comes to having their family law needs met, and we work to help them resolve their cases in a fair and rational manner. Our goal is to remove all barriers that LGBTQ+ families face when pursuing basic family needs like child support or adoption. We are committed to staying on top of emerging changes in LGBTQ+ family law and using our knowledge to serve the community.

Texas Divorce Lawyer for Same-Sex Spouses

With the right to marry comes the right to divorce. When you as a gay or lesbian couple choose to end your marriage, you will follow the same basic steps as every other married couple getting a divorce in Texas. We understand that in a place like Texas, you may or may not be a part of a close-knit queer community. Our focus on resolving divorce through mediation rather than litigation can help keep things amicable and help you and your ex-spouse preserve these close community ties with minimal conflict.

Of course, if mediation will not work for you and your spouse, our lawyers make highly skilled and zealous advocates in the courtroom. We understand that your case may be more complex for a number of reasons, so we take a highly personalized approach to each same-sex divorce. Your needs are important to us.

Attorney Protecting Children of LGBTQ+ Families

Like many married couples, you and your spouse or partner may have children in common. They may not be both of yours biologically, but they are your children in every way that counts. Unlike more progressive states, Texas does not automatically establish joint parentage when a married same-sex couple has a child.

With a few extra steps, we can empower you to build a resilient unit by becoming legal co-parents. Our attorneys can help you ensure that you are both legal parents of your children in common by using legal mechanisms like adoption or a judgment of joint conservatorship. Taking these steps is incredibly important for same-sex parents. Establishing both of yourselves as parents protects you and your child in the event that you later divorce or one of you becomes a single parent.

In divorce actions, only established legal parents will be able to claim joint custody rights. For children of same-sex marriages, divorce can be difficult enough without the risk of losing a meaningful relationship with someone who has been a parent to them. Protecting your children through legal parentage is even more important for same-sex spouses.

Lawyer in Texas for Same-Sex Adoption

If you are considering adopting a child together, our lawyers are here to help you grow your family. Adoption can be a lengthy and challenging process for any individual or couple. As LGBTQ+ adopters, there is a chance that you will face discrimination. We will be there at every step to combat any hint of unfair treatment so that you can become the wonderful parents you know you will be.

Being represented by a skilled attorney can help you and your spouse or partner navigate the process more easily. Our attorneys are skilled at helping to build strong families through adoption and in serving the particular needs of gay and lesbian couples seeking to adopt.

Contact a Houston LGBTQ+ Family Law Attorney

The Cusic Law Firm, P.C. is committed to meeting the unique family law needs of LGBTQ+ couples and their children. We are dedicated to continued learning as the field evolves so that we can best serve our LGBTQ+ clients. For any family law inquiry, contact us or call 713-650-1866 for a free consultation.

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