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Why Choose a Board Certified Attorney

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What Does Board Certification Mean?

Similar to medical practice, the law practice also focuses on several specialized areas such as criminal law, bankruptcy and family law, and a personal injury trial law. Lawyers – focused in a particular law sub-discipline – develop an expertise to serve clients in that core area. This concept of this legal specialization further gets a mark of excellence with a Board Certification label.When an attorney has a Board Certification, he or she is an expert in that specialized law practice and has significant, relevant experience in a select law field. In short, a Board Certification improves a legal professional’s ability to best serve the public as well as to develop proficiency in an area of law.

Why Are So Few Lawyers Board-Certified?

The NBTA and ABA Accreditation of Attorney Board, most popular legal boards in the USA, did not offer any certifications until the early 1990s. That’s the major reason for the delay in the formal establishment of a legal-specific certification in the law realm. Another obvious reason for the rarity of a board-certified lawyer is because of the difficult process involved in obtaining a certification in the legal profession. To become a specialized board-certified attorney, it requires a lot of dedication, and substantial monetary and time investment. Participating lawyers also require reliable peer reviews and evaluations before undergoing a stringent examination to become a Board-Certified attorney. This surely explains the relatively diminutive presence of specialty certified lawyers.

Who Is A Board-Certified Attorney?

Any attorney who has a specialization certification from NBTA or a state-sponsored organization is a Board-Certified attorney.

A Board-Certified attorney is:

  • Expert in a legal practice area
  • In a highly regarded position in the select legal field
  • Has cleared independent screening and evaluations for the board certification
  • Within the 4 percent of specialized and certified attorneys

All in all, having a specialty legal board certification demonstrates that the attorney is highly capable in his core field and proficient in his practice. Certainly, it gives an additional level of confidence to the potential client.

Advantages of Having A Board-Certified Attorney:

As a client, you should always look for a highly specialized legal advisor/attorney to assist you with your legal proceedings. Certification is important here, because it offers a level of assurance regarding the attorney’s skills, integrity, and capability in a particular legal area. A Board-Certified lawyer exactly knows how to handle a court trial successfully, manage negotiation and even execute out-of-court settlements whenever necessary.

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